Frequently Asked Questions

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Derivative contracts

  • What is Mark Price?

    Mark Price is the price at which any open position is marked for the computation of Unrealised PnL and Liquidation. Mark Price is employed to avoid unwarranted liquidations which could result from high volatility of crypto-assets.

  • What is an inverse Futures contract?

    A Futures contract where the quote currency (i.e. the currency in which price of the underlying asset is denominated) is different from the base currency (i.e. the currency in which the PnL of a Futures position is computed) is known as an inverse Futures contract.

  • Can I trade Options on Delta?

    Currently only Futures contracts are listed on Delta. But we plan to launch Options trading shortly.

  • What is a Futures contract?

    A Futures contract is a type of derivative that is essentially an agreement between two parties to buy/ sell an asset (e.g. bitcoin) of specific at a predetermined future date and price. The aforementioned asset is known as the underlying of the Futures contract.

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